Lifetime Patient Value Calculator

Understanding your average lifetime patient value is essential for working out the return-on-invest (ROI) threshold for your marketing budget.

When you know what a patient is worth on average it's easy to decide how much to spend to get each new patient into the practice.

Keep in mind that this value will be more accurate for long established practices, assuming that your patients continue to consult with you for new episodes of care.

Practice owners may want to calculate this for each of their staff to see which practitioners are performing best and bringing the best ROI for your advertising spend.

  • Firstly, calculate your average transaction value (ATV)

    This is the average spend on services delivered at each appointment.
  • Once you have your ATV...

  • - Your practice management software should have an option to report this statistic for you. If you can't find it, contact their support line.
  • - Enter the amount from the ATV calculation above.
  • - The value of each patient to your practice also includes the number of other patients they refer. In this field 0 referrals would be recorded as 1. One referral for every 5 patients is a 20% referral rate, so you would use the ratio of 1.2 here.
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